Webinar Event

The South African Cyber Threat Landscape

The growing number of successful cyberattacks has highlighted the vulnerability of the South African public sector. These attacks pose a threat to the South African people, our infrastructure and the economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the situation as we see an acceleration in the velocity and volume of public sector cyberattacks, which are particularly valuable to cyber criminals given the sensitive information held by these government organisations.

In this roundtable discussion we will look at what is happening in the South African cyber threat landscape, what the future holds and where the quick wins are for public sector information security professionals.

An important element to address this threat to the nation is the use of more sophisticated security automation solutions enabling public sector applications to adapt to new and continuously advancing cyber attacks.

Watch the recordings of our live webinar that took place on 16 March 2022, on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.