Phiri Boys

Our Champions

Our CEO happens to be a huge motorcycle racing fan and biker, so when he was approached regarding sponsorship, and having seen how well Amohelang and Oratilwe Phiri, who are known as The Phiri Boys have been performing, we as Clyrofor decided to form a Champions Partnership with the boys and their racing team. And that is the story of how our relationship with the Phiri Boys came about.


We recently participated in a social media drive called #R10GoesAlongWay. A crowdfunding initiative put in place to raise money for students struggling with the settlements of their outstanding fees. It is a great initiative that worked towards helping students currently facing crises.

We are proud to have pledged R39 000 towards the initiative, and making a difference. We hope that more of us can come together and lend a hand where we can.

Kaalfontein Primary

The severe truth is that sanitary products have become extremely unaffordable for many girls and women, making it difficult to maintain good menstrual hygiene. Together, these constraints may result in young girls being unable to attend school when on their periods. In 2019, we at Clyrofor took it upon ourselves to ensure that 750 girls at Kaalfontein Primary not have to miss out on school. If a girl does not have access to sanitary pads, that becomes another reason to keep her home. She starts missing a few days every month which results in her falling behind, and this may result in an increased number of dropouts. Not on our watch, Clyrofor is committed to keeping girls in school, because keeping girls in school is important for our future.


Vuyi completed a series of marathons and ultra marathons in June 2018 when he competed in The Ultimate Ultra Marathon (90km) on 11 June 2018.

All donations went toward the 7th Annual Career Day and other Career Exposure Excursions for young people in South Africa.